Dieter surface treatment technology: efficient and reliable surface treatment

The world leader in the field of vibratory finish and shot blasting is worthy of your trust

Vibrational glazing and shot blasting are used in almost every industry every day in a variety of ways.Whether it's metal, plastic, ceramics, glass, textiles, stone or wood, whether it involves deburring, degreasing, derusting, sand removal, deoxidizing, polishing, fading, polishing, rounding or strengthening, from wet spraying to high-gloss polishing: the use of deirter shot blasting and vibrating finishing equipment is endless.

The expectations and requirements of customers are the goal of dieter's development.Based on comprehensive process engineering know-how, the ability to integrate systems, and many of Deere's own leading research and development centers, the practice-oriented solutions are Deere's strengths, which can bring high quality and economic advantages to customers.