抛丸处理是通过抛头旋转直接将电机能量转化为丸料动能。每个抛头的能力约为每分钟 60kg至1200kg。有了大量的被加速丸料,抛丸机可用于大型零件或零件的大面积除锈、除垢、去毛刺、去砂或某种形式的清理。


Industry application

Shot blasting process is to directly convert the motor energy into shot kinetic energy by the head rotation.The capacity of each head is approximately 60kg to 1200kg per minute.With a large number of accelerated shot material, shot blasting machine can be used for large parts or parts of a large area of rust, descaling, deburring, sand or some form of cleaning.

The type of equipment used is usually determined by the mode of transportation of the parts to be shot blasted: from a simple caterpillar shot blasting machine to an integrated automatic robotic hand shot blasting machine, a roller conveyer shot blasting machine, and a deoxidized skin shot blasting machine.


It is widely used in casting (die casting), forging, heat treatment, steel structure, container, construction machinery, automobile, aircraft, locomotive, ship, machine tool, bridge, construction, pipeline, windmill, pressure vessel, daily necessities and steel plate, steel, h-beam, steel pipe and other industries.