迪尔特专注于设计与前瞻性的表面处理解决方案。无论您需要哪种应用方案,即便是从来也无人实现过的方案,请联系我们 - 正是这种挑战使我们与众不同!






Longer service life, shorter maintenance time and optimized process safety

Derte focuses on design and forward-looking surface treatment solutions. No matter what kind of application you need, even if it has never been implemented, please contact us - it is this challenge that makes us different.

We provide you with high quality overall surface treatment solutions, including: project consulting, engineering concept, project implementation, excellent customer service, mature technology and software support. 

A wide range of product innovation technologies share the experience of various industries, including aerospace, automobile, casting, shipbuilding, construction and medical treatment. The technical center has a group of extremely professional engineers to design customized equipment according to your specific needs to achieve the products and functions you require. 
We are not only specialized in shot blasting / sandblasting process, but also can design and provide complete and automatic workpiece solutions, including the packaging, transportation, loading and unloading of workpiece, and transportation to the next process on the production line.
Our standard shot blasting equipment has short delivery time, high efficiency and flexibility, and is reliable. From light industry to heavy industry, a wide range of models are available for you to choose.      
Moreover, your shot blasting equipment will receive professional and rapid technical support and service from our after-sales service department.



Novel, innovative and long life - Derte shot blasting equipment
Derte shot blasting equipment has novel structure, innovative details and long service life. Derte has a large number of products ranging from precision compressed air shot blasting machine to high-efficiency turbine shot blasting machine. Turbine shot blasting machine is characterized by less energy consumption, wide range of action, and even surface. The strength of jet and pressure shot blasting machine is that it can be operated automatically or manually, and can be used for small area and point operations. In addition, it can also use high wear or can not use turbine shot blasting materials, such as corundum and silicon carbide or glass beads and fine plastic particles.