Dieter shot blasting technology: the leading technology of mechanized surface treatment

Longer service life, shorter maintenance time, optimized process safety

The function and appearance of the surface is not only an important quality standard of technical products, but also a factor that determines the market effect.Dieter shot blasting equipment can remove oxidation skin, deburring, rust, polishing, fading, polishing, round, hardening and shot peening.

Few technical processes have as many functions as shot blasting, especially for metal surfaces.Dieter equipment can also handle mineral materials, such as cement and sand, as well as glass, textiles, wood and plastics.

Novel, innovative, long life -- dieter shot blasting equipment

Dieter shot blasting equipment has novel structure, innovative details and long service life.Dieter has a wide range of products from precision compressed air shot blasting machines to efficient turbine shot blasting machines.Turbine shot blasting machine is characterized by low energy consumption, wide range of action and even surface.The advantage of jet and pressure shot blasting machines is that they can be operated automatically or manually, and can be used for small, point-like operations.In addition, it can use shot blasting materials such as corundum and silicon carbide or glass beads and fine plastic particles that are highly worn or cannot be used with turbines.


抛丸设备的核心是抛丸器。抛丸器可以影响抛丸效果,通常是损耗比较大的部位和需要检修的部位,因此,它也是有成本节约潜力的部位。我们的 TINTA系列抛丸器使用创新的叶片设计,可以实现更大效率、更高质量,并大大降低成本。


Core components: dieter shot blasting technology

Easy maintenance, high efficiency and wear resistance

The core of shot blasting equipment is shot blasting machine.Shot blasting machine can affect the effect of shot blasting, which is usually the part with large loss and the part most in need of repair. Therefore, it is also the part with the most potential for cost saving.Our TINTA series shot blasting machines use innovative blade designs to achieve greater efficiency, higher quality, and significantly lower cost.

We believe we can optimize your shot blasting system -- and guarantee success.If you are not completely satisfied with the effect after modification, we can restore the projectile blasting machine to its original state for free!